Anti-slip treatment for bathtubs and floors

StabiBath: anti-slip treatment for bathtubs

StabiBath, anti-slip for bathtubs

StabiBath conveniently renders the base of your bathtub or shower slip resistant. Thanks to its molecular constitution, Stabi’bath increases your security while remaining very hygienic. You can continue to clean your bathtub with the same products and avoid using an anti-slip mat that will eventually detach itself.

Warranty : 3 years when applied by Hyseco Partners

Ready to use in:
20 minutes for steel and iron bathtubs 17 hours for acrylic bathtubs

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Stabifloor Anti-slip treatment for floors

StabiFloor, antislip treatment for floors

StabiFloor renders indoor and outdoor ceramic, sandstone and marble floors slip resistant. This solution is particularly adapted for:
- Swimming pools
- Kitchens
- Bathrooms
- Airports
- Terraces
- Offices

Our treatments are eco-friendly, without acid and without toxic sediment.

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Anti-slip polyurethane floor covering

Thanks to its outstanding elasticity, slip resistant and non-corroding characteristics, this lasting treatment adheres to any type of surface. In its colourless version, it allows the wood to breathe and keeps the authenticity of the atmosphere. It is also available in lots of different colours.
This treatment is best suited for:
- Stairs
- Sport courts
- Garages
- Schools yards
- Boats
- Warehouses